Comment Guidelines

by Erik Wilhelm Gren

Be Kind and Respect Each Other

Be kind and respect each other. This is what I wish everyone could have in mind while writing comments on Skumtomte. Skumtomte is a tool for everyone of any expertise and bullying of any kind should not be tolerated. All questions are welcome and should be treated with equal respect.

I firmly believe that, when it comes to learning, having a respectful environment in which it is ok to experiment and try new things, without being pointed out at for doing mistakes, is very important. Everyone is welcome to experiment with newly learnt Swedish in the comments I wish of the community to be kind.

Correcting People

Whenever you want to correct someone, try to do so with respect. See where it might have gone wrong and explain what the other learner might be missing. Link to relevant articles on the topic and try to understand what they’re saying rather than focus on how they’re saying it. If the commenter in question would have been you, try to think what you would have wanted someone to tell you and in what way you would’ve wanted them to say it.

Comments that are bullying, or in other ways shaming mistakes, should not be tolerated. Comments of this kind should be flagged.


Comments on this website is hosted by the free service called disqus. Disqus has tools to automatically flag comments that seem harmful, abusive or “spammy”. I will do my best to moderate comments on the website. However, I am currently alone in this process and I might miss some. I therefore kindly ask you, dear reader, to flag any comments that seem to not comply with the spirit of the website and our comment guidelines.

Now go Comment!

Don’t overthink your comments. The goal of the comment section is to prosper ideas and to continue the discussion on the topic otherwise impossible to contain in the article itself.

Feel free to give criticism and ask for new topics to be covered and I will gladly listen and maybe do as you wish.

Happy commenting!

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